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    < Previous Episode | All Episodes Photo courtesy of E. Stewart Jones Law Firm “No one would like to be in the position that my clients are, but if they were they’d like to have me doing exactly what I …Read More


    He was gunned down 70 years ago in an Albany rooming house, but Legs Diamond left behind a glamorous persona that has been harder to kill. Note: The following article by A Small American City Host Duncan Crary first appeared …Read More


    The following is A Small American City Q&A with Mark Nickita, president of Archive DS, a design firm specializing in projects and strategies for city building in Detroit and Toronto. Nickita is a city commissioner and has served as mayor …Read More


    < Previous Episode | All Episodes | Next Episode > Photo by Tonya Massey “Troy is better than Brooklyn.” — Vic Christopher, Brooklyn native Play: SAC_07.mp3 TROY, N.Y. — It’s been almost 10 years since Vic Christopher, 37, and Heather …Read More


    < Previous Episode | Next Episode > Photo by Tonya Massey “We had a wee team of people in the City of Troy” — James Devine Play: SAC_06.mp3 TROY, N.Y. — In 1916, James Connolly led the Easter Rising in …Read More


    < Previous Episode | Next Episode > “It is a mandate. It’s an order. Enjoy Troy. Period.” — Linda Passaretti Play: SAC03.mp3 TROY, N.Y. — When you first arrive in Troy, you can’t avoid seeing it. A playful sticker placed …Read More


    < Previous Episode | Next Episode > “You and yer buddy there, you’re house cats. And I’m an alley cat…” Play: SAC_02.mp3 TROY, N.Y – As a carpenter, Peter Albrecht has built many of the “third places” in Troy, where …Read More


    < Previous Episode | Next Episode > We all know that writers, the Irish, politics and booze go together…until they don’t. And eventually, Jack had all four strikes against him. Play: SAC_01.mp3 TROY, N.Y. — It’s been a long time …Read More