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Treasure chest by Peter Albrecht. Photo by Neil Grabowsky, TTL Studios.

Treasure chest by Peter Albrecht. Photo by Neil Grabowsky

“You and yer buddy there, you’re house cats. And I’m an alley cat…”


TROY, N.Y – As a carpenter, Peter Albrecht has built many of the “third places” in Troy, where the people come to life when they are out on the town. But as a barroom Socrates, he holds his own with Ph.D’s, crack heads and all strata in between. He is as quick to cite the ancient texts as he is with a bawdy tale. He’s also the last stop for Trojans down on their luck, often sharing his meals and even his home for those with nowhere else to go. In this far-reaching conversation, Peter provides a glimpse of a life examined.

At a young age, Peter experienced extraordinary psychic events — full-blown Kundalini stuff. And his upper middle class peers at the time thought he was out of his mind. He was unable to relate to the world and to others. But when a carpenter took him on as a student, Peter eventually acquired the tools to relate to the general mass of humanity. Still, as a common man’s carpenter hustling for a modest livelihood out on the streets, he has had a life-long battle against fate and the current beliefs of our society.

This episode begins with “Achilles’ Choice (A Hero’s Toast From Troy, NY),” written and read by host Duncan Crary.

Content Warning: This episode contains some curse words, the mention of violence, and a story with a sexual reference to a religious figure.

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Note: The Featured Works of Peter Albrecht were on Silent Auction at Artcentric in downtown Troy from Jan. 7 – 25, 2013. (more info).

Read Peter Albrecht’s obituary by Paul Grondahl in The Times Union.

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