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Bill and Dana Kennedy with granddaugthers

“I love this house. I love this neighborhood. I love Troy! I love their life here” — William Kennedy

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TROY, N.Y. —William “Bill” Kennedy, Pulitzer Prize winning author of Ironweed, is famous for writing about another small American city, Albany, N.Y. He grew up in the place and always wanted to do what his son is doing today — live downtown where all the action is. But when he and his wife arrived back in Albany in 1963, the place was like Desolation Row. All the stores were closed. The windows were dirty. All the theaters were closed. Nobody was coming downtown. “It was like the city had just imploded,” he said. So when the time came to raise a family, the author and his bride opted to raise their family in a small country town.

In this episode, Bill and Dana share their memories of growing up in urban environments — Albany and Manhattan. They also share their mostly positive experiences raising children in “the ex-urbs.” But these days the two are thrilled to be watching their son and daughter in-law raising three young girls in the heart of downtown Troy.

Special thanks to Ian White for helping to engineer this episode.

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“Blowin’ it Out,” by Joe Barna and Sketches of Influence, from “Blowin’ it Out,” (released 2012.).

Joe Barna Sketches of Influence

I Wish I Was A Pool Player in a William Kennedy Novel But I’m Not” by Mark Wynn, from “It Hasn’t Got A Title Yet But When It Does I’ll Let You Know,” (released Aug. 03, 2012 ).

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Mark Wynn

The Old Crow” by The Hoborchestra feat. The B3 All-Stars, from “I Only Eat You To Make Me Stronger,” (released Nov. 01, 2009 ).

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