Sweet Sounds of Troy…

    WHEN I FIRST ARRIVED IN TROY, the place greeted me with a casual opulence.

    “Be easy and free,” the city said to me. “Come sit, and drink for a spell in good company. Add a drop of your worries to the dram, lad. For you’ve found it… your own American Brigadoon.”





    Don’t believe it’s true? Here’s a small magic to convince.

    Last night, I met up with The Broken String Band & Friends at The Ale House for a session and some suds. This merry band of mirth makers gathers regularly in the cozy pubs of Troy, New York to liven up the night when you least expect it. This time, they were joined by Michael Cooney, an Uilleann piper from County Tipperary and winner of numerous All-Ireland championships.

    Go on…click, play! When that old drone takes to the air, I promise… you will too.

    Play: SAC_BrokenStringBand_AleHouse_Troy.mp3

    Duncan Crary



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